Monday, March 31, 2014

Community Reader Day

Community Reader Day took place on May 7th. It was a special opportunity for members of the Stoughton Community to join the students of the West Elementary School in celebrating the enjoyment of reading and promoting awareness of the importance of reading in everyone’s lives!

The twenty community readers read Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson to one classroom. Following the reading, they shared the importance of kindness in their daily lives/jobs.

Mr. McNamara, Stoughton Fire Department

Mr. Pazyra, Veterans Affairs
In preparation for this day, Ms. Pearl, guidance counselor, lead the classrooms in an activity called Crinkled Heart to promote the concept of kindness and how our actions impact others. 

Many activities took place following the Community Reading Day in support of the continued message of "Kindness". 

All students completed a bulletin board, under the direction of Ms. Murphy, Art teacher, that shows their understandings from the story.  They wrote a kind act on a stone to be “thrown into the pond.” 

Ms. Murphy, Art Teacher


Monday, March 10, 2014

Grade 1 and 5 celebrate Dr. Seuss Day!
We all remember the story, Green Eggs and Ham, and the author who wrote it. To celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday, students from grades 1 and 5 from the West Elementary School joined together to share in reading his books to each other.  Fifth graders were able to step back in time and remember the excitement that came with learning to read and the first graders were able to demonstrate their own reading skills.  Ms. Banis