Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Poems for Marines:

After sending greetings to Captain Naughton and the Marines in Afghanistan, Grade 2 students from Room 11 were so excited to receive a letter in return! The marines were especially thankful for our words of encouragement. Thank you to room 11 for reminding the marines that they work together as a team, just like room 11!!!

The second graders in room 11 have written acrostic poems to send to the marines for Valentine's day! The students wrote about kindness, friendship, working together, staying healthy, and being safe. In addition, the students wrote letters to accompany their poems, and decorated the cards with illustrations and stickers!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wonderful Wildcat Work!

When you are at the West, check out the Wonderful Wildcat Work located in the display case in front of the nurse’s office. Throughout this school year, the new habitat of Wildcat “Willie” features monthly exemplars of grade level student work.

Grade 1 News: Maps and Globes

Grade 1 has talked and wrote about places we have traveled to and places we would like to visit around the world.

Grade 2 News: 
 Arctic Habitats & Penguin Fest 

There is a lot to learn about animals and their habitats. Good scientists take notes on their habitats. Throughout the month of December, second graders have been taking notes on books that they have read and videos they have viewed about polar bears and penguins. Students compared habitats of the Arctic and Antarctica using a Venn diagram. Students have written paragraphs summarizing the information they learned.